Pro bono

Our Practice takes pride in having managed a wide range of cases on `pro bono` basis, to the benefit of underprivileged individuals.

The ”pro bono” lawyer is that lawyer who is free to take any decision regarding the provision of legal representation and assistance services, on unpaid basis, for vulnerable individuals holding no financial resources to pay the attorney’s fee.

Smaranda Colța is member within the Pro Bono Network for Human Rights, a project that has been initiated by ACTEDO (Equality and Human Rights Action Center), standing for one non-governmental organization established in 2013, having its headquarters in Cluj- Napoca.

ACTEDO mission is that of duly promoting social justice, fundamental rights and equality of gender, as well as of acting together against any and all human rights breaches, by activating the existing legal mechanisms, by training and education, research and advocacy, as well as by numerous information and awareness campaigns” –

Duly established back in 2014, the `Pro Bono Network for Human Rights` stands for the largest pro-bono legal assistance center in Romania, duly specialized in human rights, and its aim is to facilitate Romanian vulnerable categories’ access to justice, when the latter’s fundamental rights and interests have been breached upon.

One of the success stories of our Practice senior lawyer, has been the annulment of the Initial Decision issued by the Assessment Committee for Grown-up Disabled Individuals in Baia Mare and the compelling of the authorities to issue a new certificate for the due classification under pronounced disability degree, as such degree was adequate for the situation our client was in.

Reușită a Rețelei Pro Bono pentru Drepturile Omului: Av. Smaranda Colța câștigă în instanță împotriva deciziei de încadrare inadecvată în grad de handicap a unei persoane cu dizabilitate

In – between November 23rd and 27th 2020, Smaranda Colța has provided pro bono legal assistance under the project entitled “2020 Pro Bono Week in Romania – Advocacy for Increasing People’s Access to Justice”, as duly organized by the Organization for Civil Society Development and the Social Services Non-Governmental Organizations Foundation.

The ” European Pro Bono Week” is duly co-organized by the European Pro Bono Initiative (which includes several international law practice offices), TrustLaw, PILnet and European Pro Bono Alliance (which includes several legal pro-bono clinics and legal assistance organizations across the entire Europe)” –

In line with the social mission our Practice proudly commits to and undertakes, we hereby reserve our right to select the cases of vulnerable individuals who may benefit of pro-bono legal assistance to be provided by our Practice.