If any given labor relation, as set in-between the entity assigning job duties and the individual performing the same, shall be characterized by any subordination relationship, based upon which the latter fulfills the instructions given by the former, then we find ourselves in the case of an agreement or contract governed by Labor Law.

For informative purposes, this particular Law branch regulates the following:

-various types of labor agreements (whether we speak about contracts entered on limited or unlimited term);

-clauses / provisions regarding working hours;

-matters that are required to be complied with in terms of labor security, health and work conditions;

– wages and due compensation for overtime;

– conditions based upon which any Employer shall be entitled to issue the dismissal decision;

– due conditions for employees’ job security and protection (including due protection against mobbing.

Therefore, in case of any conflict in-between the employer and the employee, our Practice stands for the first option in your action to contract the services of one qualified lawyer, who shall protect the party’s interests, whether we speak about an employer, or an employee for that matter.