Legal consulting

Attorney’s Practice ”Smaranda Colța” puts its clients’ interests first, adjusting its legal advice to specific requests coming from such clients.

Consequently, our mission starts with a thorough analysis of the cases being presented to us, which review also involves the actual studying of our client’s deeds, of the case-related and specific legislation, of the legal practice in the field and, so often indeed, of the existing doctrine.

One such analysis enables us to draw up an action plan draft, which shall be adjusted to our client’s needs, in view of duly settling the issue that has occurred.

Subject to the relevant case complexity level, the legal consulting may be provided verbally, or by means o drawing up an informative report in written form.

The fee shall be set subject to the large number of the documents to be studied, as well as the complexity of the issue being presented, and one may charge either a firm fee, or an hourly fee (subject to study hours and / or drawing up hours).