Attorney’s Practice ”Smaranda Colța” provides legal assistance and representation services for its clients dealing with complex banking law legal issues, that so many times involve one multidisciplinary approach in order to be duly settled.

Law no. 193/2000 provides for the regulation of abusive clauses within contracts entered in-between professionals and consumers. Any such contract entered in-between professionals and consumers for the sale of assets or the provision of services shall include clear-cut, unequivocal contractual clauses for whose understanding one shall not require any specialized knowledge whatsoever.

By such aforementioned Law, professionals shall be forbidden to stipulate any abusive clauses in the contracts the latter enter with the consumers. Anytime these agreements or contracts shall include any such abusive clauses, the individual who may be concerned shall address the court for the purpose of cancelling such clauses and the reimbursement of the amounts having been abusively charged.

Our Practice possesses a wide expertise in this particular field of interest, either as result of our having represented a former bank institution, which we no longer find on the market, or as consequence of our having represented various consumers who had to deal with the issue of cancelling the abusive clauses within the signed contracts.