Our values


We strongly believe our mission goes beyond the simple obligation to provide mere legal services, as long as our clients entrust us their own needs and secrets, and this is why they have to trust and count on us under the widest and most various circumstances. Thus, the drive of each and every single legal action we initiate, is represented by the trust we are carefully building in the relationship we have with our clients, and such trust also stands for the core of our Practice business.

Fields of activity


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Each case is unique

Attorney’s Practice ”Smaranda Colța” provides its clients with one innovatory view on the situations the latter are dealing with, in line with their own ambitions and the values defining the Practice business.


Before actually having to deal with a crisis, we would rather take any and all reasonably possible legal mesures to foresee such crisis.

We love challenges and we are open to innovations

As high technology has kept on developing, namely the ongoing development of the “high tech” sector of our economy, our services have been keeping up with the news in the field and we are able to provide you with everything your business requires in order to bloom.


You should first do what is `required`, then you can start doing the `possible`, so that in the end you discover you’ve achieved the `impossible`