Romania has enacted the `European Convention on Human Rights` in June 1994, thus agreeing upon the due competence of the Court in terms of reviewing and examining individual complaints that may be filed against it.

Romanian government has been (and still is, at present), the subject matter of a very large number of convictions ruled by the Court, on grounds of failure to comply with fundamental rights and freedoms.

In order to access any procedure before the European Court of Human Rights, one duly requires the going through and exhaustion of the trial-related procedures in force at internal, domestic level, following that any such complaint shall be submitted within the applicable and stipulated deadline.

A significant number of cases are declared as inadmissible by the Court, on multiple and (unfortunately) unexplained grounds on the part of the European court, and thus, the party shall fail to reach any progress in terms of the procedure being initiated.

Nonetheless, our Practice holds due expertise in overcoming such procedural moment, when the complaint admissibility is being checked out, and this cannot bring but joy and happiness to the parties, as concerned, who choose this path, most of the times, as their last resort in order to be repaid for their suffering.